The C ompany
Aulic Nigeria Limited commenced full business operations in 1991 as a Private Limited Liability Company. Over the years, the company has grown and distinguished itself in essential services and projects. The company started as a major importer of such products as Pneumatic components, steel products, garage equipment, industrial and auto paints, oil service equipment and machine tools.
Aulic Nigeria Limited later moved into Trade promotion, Business Development and property development. These trio form the core of Aulic’s business activities today.

Trade promotion
As Aulic Nigeria Limited matured from an importer of finished goods and products from across the world, it started shifting operations towards trade representation. The significance of this is that instead of bringing in a few containers of essential goods to be distributed to the consumers as they arrive, the manufacturers were represented here in Nigeria by Aulic Nigeria Limited. It also implies that the presence of the companies whose goods
Aulic Nigeria Limited were previously imported into Nigeria are now established in Nigeria. Those companies now create employment in Nigeria indirectly through Aulic Nigeria Limited. By so doing, Aulic took the bold step of widening its employment creation. Some of the goods are now brought in partially finished and not packaged. This means that Aulic takes the responsibility of assembling and packaging the goods. Aulic Nigeria Limited has in different times represented the companies below or distributed their goods in Nigeria. It is still representing some of them and still distributes the goods of some to date. These include: StaghlGrubber GmbH, Munich Germany the manufacturers of Rema Tip Top International, Automotive and Industrial Vulcanization Alligator Ventilfabrik Gingen Brenz, Germany, the manufacturers of tyre repair equipment and materials; Erik Emborg A.S., Denmark, international distributors of various goods of machine parts and Building materials; Rednose GmbH Hamburg, Germany international distributors of Oil and Gas servicing tools and equipment; Aquacres UK Ltd, Grimsby, United Kingdom, manufacturers of Aquatop – Bathroom Dryers; Manufacturers of Garage Equipment.

Business Development
The idea of trade development deepened into business development. As Aulic Nigeria Limited moved on with trade development through representation of foreign companies and manufacturers in Nigeria, the idea of developing smaller business lines was cultivated. Aulic constituted a team of research and development experts to survey the necessity, viability and feasibility of developing new businesses in Nigeria. The result showed that the emerging economy of Nigeria do not only require but demands development of new and emerging businesses. Aulic immediately went into this line of activity (business development). Aulic Nigeria Limited developed and started business operations in various fields which include fairs and exhibition planning and management. This led to its interest in Lagos International Trade Fair Complex. Thus, when in the year 2003 government expressed its intention to concession the management, re-design and re-development of the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex to the private sector, Aulic Nigeria Limited applied. After due process and due diligence checks, in April 2007, the final bids were opened and Aulic won the concession by beating six other bidders. Knowing Aulic’s past performance, UNITA and CentriInvest both of Ukrain volunteered to partner with it to turn Lagos International Trade Fair Complex into a dream land. Aulic Nigeria Limited developed a mini paint finishing factory in Lagos - Nigeria where it assembles paint materials from its partner overseas and then finish the mixing and packaging before distributing. It also started organizing Training Programmes for Industrial Transport System Repairs and Automotive Vulcanizing. Among other small business lines developed, Aulic Nigeria Limited ventured into property development which today is the greatest and biggest business line towed by Aulic Nigeria Limited. This gave rise to the development and construction of residential and commercial houses, warehouses, mini-estates, and new towns. Among these are:

The ASPMDA Plaza Project: This is the design, development and construction of an ultra modern shopping Plaza inside the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex. This today is the largest Auto and machinery Spare Parts center in West Africa. The Swiss Park Project: This is the design, development and construction of a Trans ECOWAS Park inside the Lagos International Trade Fair complex. This also has shopping plazas around it with other utility buildings. Although the park is already functional, work is still going on there. On completion, this park is to be the biggest of its kind in West Africa running 24 hours, seven days a week. Aulic House: A commercial building designed and constructed for office and banking purposes. This is fully occupied by WEMA bank, Diamond mortgages and others. The Treasure Land Kings Town Project: This is the design, development and construction of a new town in Yenagua the capital city of Bayelsa state. It is in its design stage and is to be situated on a 250 hectares land mass. On completion, the town is expected to provide housing for the teaming workforce of the city and for some of the indigenes who for one reason or the other are homeless or live in shanties. It will also provide employment opportunities for the indigenes and unemployed dwellers of the city of Yenagua. It is targeted at attracting more human traffic and foreign investment into Bayelsa state in particular and the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria in general. The Abuja Kings Town Project: This is the design, development and construction of a new town in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria. Abuja Kings Town is situated at Kubwa district 50 km approximately
30 minutes driving distance from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja and about 30km approximately 20 minutes driving distance from Abuja city center. The Abuja Kings Town project and the Lagos International Trade Fair complex project are the most pressing projects being handled by Aulic Nigeria Limited at the moment.

Ownership and Management Structure

In 1991, Aulic Nigeria Limited was incorporated by two promising, energetic and well informed Nigerians in the persons of Dr. Nick Ezeh and Chief. S.H. Nnebe. Currently, Dr. Nick Ezeh is the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the company, while Mr. Nnebe is a Non - Executive Director but with a great idealistic influence on the company. Aulic Nigeria Limited is a young company of the 1990’s but obviously with great and dedicated brains on the chain of its executive and non – executive team. Aulic has it as a die hard policy to only allocate positions and duties based on qualification, experience and dedication. Without any of these three factors, a position is not given. This has greatly contributed to the high success story of Aulic Nigeria Limited which only few Nigerian Privately owned companies can claim. Aulic’s board and management team is its most cherished asset without which success will be scarce. Below is the profile of the executive and non – executive board of Aulic Nigeria Limited.

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